Do you use your child as an excuse?

ImageHow often do you use your children as an excuse not to do things?  I will be the first to admit that I am guilty as charged.  I have often used my daughter as my reasoning for not doing something or going to an event.  This short article is about how I decided to do something a little different and discovered that I was pleasantly surprised by the response.

I recently attended a local business breakfast run by the council and really enjoyed it.  It was a great way to meet the locals, do some networking and work on my confidence.  There was another meet coming up that I really wanted to attend.  The only problem was that I was going to have my 2 year old.  Now I am sure I’m not the only one who has the belief that children and business aren’t a good mix.  Normally I would just make the decision not to go.  I would use my daughter as an excuse to not go and miss out.  However, it is not fair for me to miss out and it is certainly not fair to blame my daughter for not being able to go.  I have never thought about the consequences of blaming other people for the choices I make and the resentment that can build up as a result.

NOT this time! I am determined to make a change in my life and to set the best example possible for my daughter.  What did I do?  I wrote an email to the council explaining my situation and the need to bring my daughter in order to attend.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received a reply from a very nice woman from the council.  She stated that she would love for me to attend; she also has a 2 year old and even offered to give me a hand if needed.  Now I know that this kind of thing isn’t always going to be the case, but I tried, I asked and that is all I can expect from myself.  If they had have said no, at least I know that I tried to find a solution.

 We are bought up with the belief that as a woman we have to sacrifice everything for our children.  We can’t have it both ways and be a good Mum as well as work.  Is this really the case, or just something we have been made to believe?  I plan on proving these beliefs wrong and become a successful business woman as well as a great Mum. 

I want to leave with one final thought; we need to help and support our fellow Mums no matter their choice whether they work or stay at home.  They are both very noble choices and personal ones.   We were not made from a cookie cutter or mould, we are all special and unique so let’s celebrate that rather than criticise.


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