What is Your Purpose?



Everyone who is successful is engaged in what they do.  This is why having a purpose is so important. It is the driving force that pushes and keeps us on track.  Up until recently I had no real purpose or direction in my life and was feeling a bit lost.  I am not sure what triggered it, but I decided that I wanted more, I wasn’t happy where I was and I knew that the only person who could change that was me.  With this in mind, I made a couple of decisions that started a chain reaction of events that changed everything for me.  I now have more purpose in life and direction, not only that I have been able to influence people around me to start creating a better life for themselves.  

Here is a little bit of homework to help you on your way.

Brainstorm some of the things you love to do and enjoy, If you could do anything and money or time wasn’t a factor, what would you do?

 Think about the 3 things you are naturally gifted at

What power words evoke a strong positive emotion in your body?

 Once you have answered all these questions you will then need to do some soul searching to discover you purpose in life.  Make sure you state your purpose in a positive manner, be brief and to the point.

For Example

“I Kimberly am on this earth to utilize the tools given to become the best version of me so I can influence those around me to create an amazing life for themselves.”

 Once you have done this you will be on your way to creating a better and more fulfilling life for yourself and you would be surprised at how good it feels.  

I would love to hear how you go in doing this, something as simple as sharing your journey can help others in achieving the same.



4 thoughts on “What is Your Purpose?

  1. This is a great and inspiring post!

    Keep on spreading positivity 🙂 you’re doing the right thing and you encourage your readers too. 🙂

    Stay Happy and Positive! 🙂

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