Where are you heading

Where are you heading


Do you have your life planned out?  Do you set goals for yourself to strive for?  If you don’t plan and set goals, than how do you know where you are going?

It is important in order to achieve what you want in life to know what it is and WHY.  If you are clear on the Why than the How will take care of itself.  So let’s look at how you can get on track to achieving what you want.  We are going to look at the next 10 years.  Now don’t let the concept of planning 10 years ahead scare you.  I know for me it would have once upon a time.

The Primary question we want to be asking is;

What do you want within the next 10 years?

Here are some Sub-questions to help along the way;

What do you want to give?

Where would you like to go?

What would you like to share?

What would you like to have?

Who would you like to be?

I would suggest that to do this exercise, you find somewhere quiet to sit down and come up with about 100 goals to start with.  This may seem like a lot, but you would be surprised how much you can come up with when you sit down and really think about it.

Now that you have your list the next step is to go through it and look at how long each goal is going to take to achieve.  Put a 1 next to those that will take 1 year, 3 next to those that will take 3 years, 5 for 5 years and 10 for 10 years.  Now glance through you list and pick 4 goals from each of the 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 10 year.  Make sure you pick goals that excite you and you are truly wanting.

Take the 16 goals that you have picked out and write a brief description next to each goals.  Than write a couple of sentences as to why you want each goal.  If it doesn’t fire you up than cross it out and pick a different goal.

You now have 16 goals set out for the next 10 years with the Why to go with it.  Keep this list somewhere you can easily access it and refer back to it on a regular basis.



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