What is your Doctor like?

What is your Doctor like?

What is your Doctor like?  Do they genuinely listen to your concerns, are they healthy and leading by example.    These are some of the first things you should look at when not only choosing a Doctor, but listening to their advice.  Just because they have a University Degree, does not make them right or mean they know everything.  If they don’t look healthy, they are overweight or smoke than this should send off warning signals.  I want to share with you my experience that I had and why I want to educate you to be more vigilant when choosing your health professionals.

I never used to be too concerned by the above because, well, I hardly ever went to the Doctor.  It wasn’t until I had kids that I truly appreciated the importance of a good relationship with your Doctor.  It is also good to choose a Doctor that has the same values and beliefs that you do.    Don’t get me wrong I believe there is a place in our society for Doctors, however, like all jobs there are just some that shouldn’t be doing it.

It all began when I was pregnant with my first daughter and was getting severe pain from what I now know is my sciatic nerve.  I had visited the doctor in my local area who took a brief look at it, told me it is just because I am pregnant and come back in 2 weeks if it doesn’t get better.  2 weeks later I went back and saw a different doctor as I hadn’t like the first.  To my disappointment the second one was even worse because he didn’t even look at my leg.  So that was the end of that medical clinic and went to a different one.  Now although nothing was done about my sciatic nerve the next doctor I went to was a lot more thorough.  So I continued to see this Doctor until my daughter was 9 months and we moved.

I had quite a sick baby and during my return to work was having every second week off due to her being sick.  Living in a new town I decided it made more sense and was closer to attend the local medical clinic.  How wrong I was by my choice, but at the time wasn’t to know.  The first Doctor gave my daughter anti-biotic and redi-pred (a steroid given to easy severe coughing).  2 weeks later she was sick again, so back to the same clinic different Doctor.  They prescribed the same thing, anti-biotic and redi-pred.  A couple of months and 5 different Doctors I started questioning their methods and decided to return to my original Doctor before we had moved, which was a 40 minute drive.

Imagine my anger when she looked at my daughter and explained what was going on.  She only had a viral infection meaning that anti-biotic are useless.  However, that wasn’t the bit that made me the angriest.  She went on to explain what redi-pred was because previously I didn’t know as none of the other Doctors had explained it.  She also informed me that it should only be given for 2 days, something else that was not explained to me.  That was the last time I went to the local clinic as I think it is more worth the travel to get a good Doctor, it is the price on put on my health and that of my children.

Let me tell you a little about my Doctor and something that may help you in finding a Doctor that suits your needs.  My Doctor explains everything to me, in fact she explains it to a point that I probably only remember half of it.  She is also all about letting the body heal itself before prescribing any medication. 

Make health your number one priority.


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