With International Womens Day recently, there was a lot of press about women and equality in the ranks, especially of the gender pay gap.  ABS figures show that, in 2013, women working full-time earn, on average, 17.5 per cent less than men working full-time.  It really got me thinking, are we simply playing the victim and living at the effect rather than the cause?  Now I am sure some women will already be getting fired up about what I am suggesting, but let’s think about it for a bit.

I have a few points that you will either agree or disagree with, but everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  • We want equality and yet we have a special day to celebrate that we as Women work.  I have never heard of International Men’s day.
  • Women in general in the corporate world get paid less, but aren’t we saying yes and agreeing by accepting that rate of pay.  Why is a company going to pay you more if they don’t have to.  If you are going to still stay for the lower rate than why would anything change.
  • Yes Women who want families are going to take time off, this isn’t a new concept.  While we are the only ones who can actually have babies than this isn’t going to change.  Maybe next time it is mentioned in the workplace you could ask your male counterpart if they would prefer to give birth, I can guarantee their answer would be no.
  • Plenty of women place the blame as to why they aren’t getting paid the same as their male counterparts.  However, by placing the blame we are living at the effect rather than at cause.  Wouldn’t you prefer to live at cause of your life and have the power to change it.  By placing blame you are giving away you power to change the situation.
  • By continuously comparing ourselves to others, male or female, we are playing a losing game.  We are all individuals with our own uniqueness about us.  Rather than comparing we simple need to embrace who we are.
  • You need to be proactive, as Loral Langemeier says, “No one will INVITE YOU to play a bigger game in life or make money”.

Don’t allow FEAR to control your decisions in life.  Many don’t get that pay rise because they won’t ask.  I have always believed that if you don’t ask you don’t know.  If you have the skills than learn to believe in yourself and simply ASK.

If we as Women want to be equal than we need to stop comparing, stop saying Yes and settling for second best.  Women make up a significant part of the work force, this holds so much power that we need to recognise it and utilise it.  At the end of the day we all have a choice, if you don’t like something than simply change it.


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