Many choose not to go into business for themselves and the main reason that is commonly heard is cost.  At least that is what we tell ourselves, but are we just creating a limiting belief.  Have you ever worked out what your job costs you or even considered the notion that your job costs you money. 

Some people on average take an hour to get to and from work each day, therefore giving up 520 hours a year sitting in a car in traffic.  Then take in the cost of fuel and you are looking at over $5000/year.  This is the cost of just getting to and from work.  You then have to consider the cost of uniforms which could be from a couple of hundred a year or if you have a corporate job this could end up being a couple of thousand on expensive suits.  If you are a parent you have childcare costs and depending on your job you may have tools of the trade which could cost you thousands of dollars.  Have you ever sat down and added up the costs of your job and worked out what you actually have left from your wage.  You will usually find that the amount you can earn from your job is limited and usually taking up at least 40-50 hours if not more of your time.

Let’s look at the business perspective and see how it compares and whether it changes your way of thinking.  Yes there are franchises that can cost you $500k+ and you don’t always make a lot of profit in the beginning.  You could have a traditional business with a shop front and stock which can also be quite expensive.  However, with both of these options you have more control on what you are able to earn.  There is than the more alternative way of doing business and one that is becoming increasingly popular and that is working from home.  Some people start their own business, some go into MLM and others, like me go into direct sales.  These options all have their pros and cons and different models suit different people.  The one thing they do have in common is that you do not have to sit in traffic for hours; you have more control over your earnings, along with more flexibility on when you work.

When weighing up your options maybe you should look at your investment to return ratio.  Look at how much is going out and the potential that could be coming in.  Be open to the possibilities out there and you just never know what you may find.  I recently attended a webinar recently hosted by Loral Langemeier and she pointed out that there are two types of conversations that we have with ourselves. The occupational conversation is about minimising, restricting and living within our means.  The entrepreneurial conversation is about expanding, creating and generating.  Share below what is holding you back if anything from starting a business?





  1. Hi Kimberly!

    Let me share my thoughts about your topic. I have been working in huge international corporation for quite long time and can say that of course it has its pros and cons. I’m also a family guy having 2 small children. Working in the corporation usually gives:
    1. Salary confidence. You know when and what amount will be transferred to you. You can easier plan how to spend it.
    2. Medical insurance. Me, my wife and children are covered by insurance paid by the corporation. It is good because such services are quite expensive.

    Personally for me that’s all why I’m still in the company.

    I agree with you that working like this has cons and for me it is:
    1. To do things I don’t like to do.
    2. Lack of happiness feeling inside me.
    3. Necessity to wake up early morning.
    4. To spend 1 hour on my way to work and 1 hour back (it is because I don’t use my car for it and use underground system otherwise time will be unpredictable).

    Now reasons why I’m still here and didn’t start own business:
    1. Lack of ideas and creativity. For me to find “my way” is very complicated process. I have no understanding what to do. Of course I like to do some things but have no idea how it can be converted into business.
    2. Fear. Doing something that you like to do is great for myself but for some time ago when I became family guy I stopped thinking about myself and apply all my efforts to make my family life better. Simple example: personally I would like to go to Asia and spend few months just living there. But I can’t do it because older daughter should visit school, I have to earn money etc.
    As I understand own business doesn’t guarantee stable income. It can be that one month you bring 10k$, but next month you can bring 1k only or even less. It means my family has to adopt their needs each time. Now I visit with my daughter swimming pool, pay credit for the car, try to travel 1-2 times per year and it should be really perspective business to step in with all those things behind.

    Thanks and all the best


  2. Hi Konstantin, I appreciate you being so open and honest. I am sure there are plenty of people who will be able to relate to your story. I too used to think how you did until one day I started questioning my life and what was possible. I should have been happy with my family and a stable job, but wasn’t. I than thought about the kind of example I wanted to be setting for my 2 beautiful children. As a parent we want the best for our children and want them to be happy. However, if we are not happy than we are not leading by example. The best way to teach someone is to show someone. I would love to know what kinds of things that you would like to do and maybe I could help you out. You can PM me on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/kimbennetta

  3. This is a much needed article. Fear is such a huge factor that holds people back. I, like you, found that when I had my daughter, everything changed. The fear was outweighed by wanting her to have a strong mom who didn’t live in fear. I want her to learn that she can do whatever she wants and is willing to work for. That doesn’t mean that sometimes you don’t have to do what you don’t want to in order to provide for your family. The reality is the economy is still hurting and people need to feed their families. Even if you aren’t in a position currently to just quit and start a business, you have to continue to dream. Have a plan to start something on the side. Use your commute time. Time after the kids go to bed. I started my business with a newborn and a full time job. 2 years later, I am working full-time in my business. I eat breakfast with my daughter everyday. I don’t have to ask permission to leave work to take her to dance class or stay home when she’s sick. When you stop dreaming, you die inside.

    • Hi Deb, I appreciate you sharing and for the feedback. Hopefully in time more and more people can overcome their Fears to create a better life for themselves and those around them and in turn create a better society.

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