Do you allow what society believes is right to dictate how you make your choices in life.  It is a constant battle and you have to be always working on yourself to ensure that this does not occur.  I know for myself I spent so much time making choices on what others thought was right rather than doing what was right for me.  Every now and then I still catch myself allowing other people’s opinions to affect my choices.  This happened recently and would like to share with you.

As a family we have recently had a few challenges that temporarily sent our household into a bit of chaos.  Our daughter recently got her tonsils out and had to stay overnight in hospital, which until we were there I was unaware of.  This put a rather large spanner in the works as I am still breastfeeding my son and he was at home with my parents.  We don’t live just around the corner from the hospital and so consequently went about 36 hours without breastfeeding and I am sure that any breastfeeding Mum knows how painful that can actually become.IMG_4135

Due to a number of circumstances, breastfeeding in the last week has been quite a lot more challenging and was finding myself having to feed usually every 2 hours which is a lot and quite exhausting.  I never had these kinds of challenges with my first and was able to breastfeed until she was 7 months old without any issues.  This has led me tossing up as to whether to persist or to transfer my son onto formula.

This is where my dilemma comes in.  I only realised yesterday that I was looking at the wrong things when trying to make my choice.  I was basing my current experience on my past experience with my daughter which doesn’t really work as both my children are completely different with different personalities, needs and wants.  I was also taking into account what society believes is the right thing to do instead of worrying about what is right for me and my family.  Once I realised this it made my decision so much easier.  So when you are making choices in your life, ask yourself, what are you basing your choices on; what society believes is right or what is right for YOU.


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