How have you gone so far with the steps that I have discussed over the last couple of weeks?  If you have missed them be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2.  This week I want to cover the next step and that is looking at our belief systems.  Did you know that something as simple as what you believe could be what is stopping you from achieving what you want?

What do you believe in?  Are your beliefs stopping you from achieving what you want?  Are your beliefs real?  Are the beliefs you have yours or someone else’s?  These are all very valid questions we need to be asking ourselves on a journey to becoming all we can be?  I never really understood the power our beliefs actually have over how we experience our life and the choices we make.

What do you believe in?  So this covers your entire belief system which is the basis for your decision making.  It might be religious, spiritual, you may believe you can never be successful or that rich people are A@#$#. Either way we have a lot of beliefs that most of the time will be the deciding factor when making a decision.  Now this isn’t a bad thing as long as your beliefs are in alignment with your goals and where you are heading. 

Are your beliefs stopping you from achieving what you want?  If you are wanting to make more money, but you believe that all rich people are A@#$# then there is a good chance that you won’t make money because what you want and what your belief are very conflicting.  In this case you would need to change your belief about rich people in order to have better success at creating more money.

Are your beliefs real?  This is where our brain tends to generalise things; for example, You may have met one person who happened to be rich and he was rude to you and not very nice.  Your brain then generalises and says all rich people are like this.  Is this really true though, have you met a poor person and they have been rude and not very nice?  When we are looking at our beliefs it is good to step back and ask ourselves, IS IT REAL?

Are your beliefs yours or someone else’s?  How many beliefs do you have as a result of your parents and upbringing or from friends and those around you that have influence?  I guess a big example of this is religion, most who are brought up in a religious family have a tendency growing up with the same beliefs.  There may be other examples that are not as significant, but also not ours.  It is fine to have the same beliefs as others, as long as it is something that you actually believe.  The key is to Know For Yourself.

Your task is to take a pen and a piece of paper, write down beliefs that are stopping you, beliefs that you don’t truly believe and beliefs that aren’t in alignment with your ultimate goal.  I find it much better to understand, analyse and change things when I see them in black and white.  You would be surprised at what you discover and how much you discover when you start writing.  When looking at your beliefs on that piece of paper, ask yourself, are they true? Are they yours? Are they stopping you?  Happy Searching……


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