Part 5 – Reflection/Counting Wins

So often we go about life so focused on the destination that we miss the journey.  Imagine you are driving along the Great Ocean Road heading to Melbourne.  It is night time and all you can see is 20 meters of the road in front of you.  You drive through the night and you arrive at your destination, but anyone who has heard or been along the Great Ocean Road knows how beautiful it is and how much there is to see.  Well this is how we look at life, so focused on the finish line that we miss so much of what was on the way.  Learning to reflect not only helps to keep you focused, stay positive, learn and get to your destination quicker, but it allows you to take a moment to appreciate the journey.


How much time do you spend reflecting?  Journaling is a great way to reflect, but it is important to be honest with yourself, without beating yourself up of course.  We talk about people who lie to us, but what you can forget is sometimes the biggest lie might be the one you tell yourself.  Certainly it is not something you do on purpose, but more something you have been conditioned to do.  You get taught to follow the rules, to obey and sometimes in doing so you learn to tune out to your inner-self, your intuition.  Use journaling as a way to ask yourself questions about what is true and what is not, to seek guidance and gain clarity.

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Once you have been through the journaling process I like to finish my day counting my wins.  We have become a society that spends it’s time focusing on the negative and what we didn’t get done and yes this may be a big list some days.  This in turn sends out negative vibrations which will inevitably derail your progress.  Be kind to yourself and reward yourself by looking at what you DID do as you will find it much more productive.  You can start small and it might be something as simple as getting out of bed on time, getting that load of washing done.  I try to list at least 10 wins for the day which helps to end my day on a really positive note.  The more often you do this the easier it becomes and the more positive things you will see from your day.  Your day will always be filled with good and bad, positive and negative, pain and pleasure, but it is where you choose to place your focus that makes all the difference.

Make a conscious decision today to place more of your focus on the journey.  Feel free to share your wins in the comments section below. It is much more fun when you can share your wins with others.



  1. Hi Kimberly

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts… there’s a few points in here which I really like…

    I’ll focus on one point which is important and without training can be hard to get right…

    Reflection without rumination… As you point out, focusing on the positive is essential… whilst at the same time making an honest self appraisal is also important.

    So the question arises, how can one make an honest and positive self appraisal which leads to both empowerment and growth?


    • Hi Robert,
      I am glad that you enjoyed it. I suppose like most things in life it can be a balancing act on a fine line. I think it is possible to be honest with yourself without beating yourself up and therefore it does not have to be negative. Acknowledge and assess what steps you could take to either change or do it better next time.

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