Part 6 – Language

How much attention do you pay on the words you use on a daily basis and the story you are telling yourself?  Did you know that something as simple as a word you are using can make all the difference?  If you have been following and implementing the previous 5 steps I have discussed than it will all start making sense and hopefully you will be noticing some new results.

Let’s look at the story you are telling yourself and you may be wondering what the hell I am on about?  Let me explain…..and the best way I can do this is to give you an example.  At high school I was never a good long distance runner, in fact I did an 8oo meter race once and felt like I was dying at the end.  Therefore I have always said that I am not a long distance runner, this was the story I was telling myself.  Any way not long after recently having my son I wanted to do a 5km run.  Yep, big difference between 8oo meters and 5km so how was I going to achieve this if I am not a long distance runner.  I had to change my story.  I had to create a story that was going to help me in achieving my goal.  I started telling myself that I am powerful, full of energy and love running long distance and for some you may think this is a little silly, but trust me it really works.  A little bit of training and lots of work on my mind and I did that 5km run only 10 weeks after having my son.


Now let’s take a look at the language we use, and nothing makes you realise what you say as much as your 3 year old repeating and using the same language.  I don’t know about you, but until I started paying more attention I didn’t realise how much language was sabotaging my success.  Do you use words like try and can’t which our mind automatically associates with failure.  Maybe you use words like stressed or frustrated which will make you just more stressed and frustrated.  Try changing just a few of your words to attempt, can or challenged which your brain will associate with more positive outcomes.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used any of the tips I have provided so far and to let me know how you have been going and what results you have noticed.  Happy growing!! 


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