Education is Everywhere


I have heard many times in the realm of personal development that time should not be wasted watching tv and movies.  I don’t agree.

Do I think people spend too much time watching tv?  Absolutely.  However, can we still educate and learn by watching some tv?  Absolutely.  I recently watched a movie when this thought came to me and the movie was called “If I stay”  I had seen the shorts and new it was going to be a box of tissues type movie and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  Now although it was a movie and by some simple seen as entertainment, there were a few things I got out of it that I wanted to share.

  • We often see the messy bits of life, but we forget to open our eyes and see the beautiful things that can come out of that mess.  There is always good and bad in the world and in every situation, but it is your choice as to what you see.
  • Family does not always have to be related by blood.  When we talk about family we always think of people who are directly related.  However, I know myself I have people in my life that I class as family and are in no way whatsoever related.  In fact when my husband and I did our will, the people who are allocated as guardians of our children if anything should happen are not family, but the people that I see as the people that are as much like us without being us.
  • We need to believe in ourselves.  So many people, in fact I would say most, under estimate their talents and abilities.  A little bit of belief in ourselves can go a long way.
  • Such a common thing and still something so many still can’t grasp.  We don’t appreciate things until we lose them.  We want what we don’t have and don’t want what we already have.  This is where learning to be grateful for everything in life can be an asset.

education 2

These are just a few things I got out of watching this movie and all things that I think are beneficial lessons to learn and understand.  Now is everything you watch going to be so thought provoking, no.  I think there is plenty of crap out there on tv that is going to be a waste of your time, but I don’t think we should completely discard the idea of tv and movies.  What are your thoughts?

discard the idea of tv and movies.  What are your thoughts?  


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