5 Lessons From Yoga To Apply To Being An Entrepreneur


There is warm light radiating through the window, I can feel the softness of my mat under my feet, the soft sound of the instructor guiding us through our practice and I am feeling calm and centred.  It is at this time when I have a realisation, there is so much that you learn in yoga that can be applied to being an entrepreneur.  Today I want to share with you 5 lessons that I came to realise that day that I apply to being an Entrepreneur.

  1. Focus – There are a number of balance moves in yoga that at times can be a little challenging, but with moves such as the bird pose the trick is to place your focus forward.  Being an Entrepreneur forward is where your focus needs to be if you are going to create success.  Although you need to be present in the now, it is placing your focus forward towards the bigger picture that will keep your drive and motivation strong.
  2. The Good and Bad – I have noticed when I go to yoga I have some days where I really rock the moves and I feel strong and then I have days where I feel a little off balance, fall out of a pose or I can’t stretch as far as the week before.  It is perfectly normal to have your good and not so good days and this is going to happen being an Entrepreneur.  The important thing is that you keep trying the next day, next week, next month until….
  3. Calm and Centred – When you are going through your yoga practise and you learn to be calm and centred you will always get more out of your poses, you will achieve more.  Yes, it also applies to being an Entrepreneur.  If you can learn to find your calm and feel centred you will find that you will be much more efficient in your business.
  4. You Don’t Know Until You Know – You might look at a move in yoga and label it hard or easy, but until you have tried it you don’t truly know.  I had this when the instructor showed us the side angle crow pose.  I automatically thought it was too hard, but once I actually tried I discovered I found it quite easy.  This is the same as being an Entrepreneur, there are things that may look or seem hard, but until you actually try you don’t really know.
  5. Take Time For Yourself – Yoga is about taking time-out to work on yourself.  As an Entrepreneur you need to apply the same principle.  The most successful Entrepreneurs spend more time on themselves than they do their business.  This concept may seem strange or foreign to some, but if you want things to change than you need to start with you.

I hope that these 5 lessons have proved to be helpful, I would love to hear your thoughts or even lessons that you have learned that can be applied.

side angle 3


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