Quote For The Day


Have you ever wondered why some things happen in your life?  Do you wonder what you did wrong?  I am not a religious person, but I have heard people comment that if there was a God then why do bad things happen or why do bad things happen to good people.  This quote really sums it up, it is not about doing anything wrong and it is not about universal vengeance.  It is about being given these challenges in order for us to grow and learn.  Challenges in life should be seen as a blessing, not a hindrance.  If everything was smooth sailing, not only would life be REALLY boring, but we wouldn’t grow as people either.  The next time something happens and you view it as bad, take a moment to look a little closer and see what you can learn from it.


Stand Out And Shine

night skyDon’t be afraid to shine in life.  Just because you may stand out, doesn’t mean that you are alone.  Is there something in your life that is holding you back?

You Can Always Succeed At Something


Today I went and watched a great movie “The Theory Of Everything” the story of Stephen Hawking.  Needless to say it was an extremely inspirational movie and I got a lot out of it, even if science isn’t my thing.  The quote above is one that really stood out for me and I wanted to share.  When we are feeling low and life isn’t looking that crash hot we can tend to only see the negatives and failures.  This quote reminds me to embrace and appreciate the little things in life and look at what I have already achieved.

What is one thing that you have achieved recently, it can be big or small?

Do You Respect Yourself?

You Deserve To Value Yourself

You Deserve To Value Yourself

It is really important in order to create the life you want it all has to start with you.  It is up to you to ensure that you are surrounding yourself with the people who are going to help you to move in the direction you want.  This can be a challenging step as we often allow ourselves to feel guilt for limiting the time we spend with certain people.  Sometimes these people include family or friends.  You owe it to yourself to create the necessary environment to create success and you should not feel guilty about it.  It doesn’t mean being mean or making people wrong, but simply giving yourself the space to achieve what you want.

Starting The New Year With Success In Mind

Start the new year with success in mind

Start the new year with success in mind

Did you know that only about 8% of people follow through with their new years resolution and there are many reasons why.  I have never been one to set a new years resolution, but I did take some time to sit down and work out what I wanted for the new year and picked just a couple of things to focus on.  Now if you are great at achieving your goals then that is awesome.  However, if you set new years resolutions each year and never follow through, then what I am about to share might help you change that.  This doesn’t just apply to new years resolutions, but goals in general, because if you don’t follow through in the new year then fair chance is that you set a lot of goals that you never achieve.  I want to help you change this pattern and to achieve more in your life.

So I like I mentioned I decided to just pick a couple of things to focus on and here are the reasons why.

  • If you pick 1 or 2 things to focus on then you are going to have more chance at achieving them.  We can have a tendency to spread ourselves too thin and lose focus on what we were trying to achieve.
  • Picking a couple of things doesn’t mean that is all I want to achieve, but the 2 things I did pick I know by mastering them they will cause a flow on effect to other parts of my life.  This will make it easier to achieve my other goals and some of them will even happen effortlessly.

One other thing we need to look at before setting these goals is our mindset and this probably makes up about 90% of the process along with WHY we are wanting to achieve them.  So let me share with you my 2 goals and the process I went through.

My first goal that I chose was to partake in a 10 week paleo challenge.  Now like many of you I have done all sorts of fitness regimes, said I am going to eat healthier and well, none of them ever lasted very long.  I have slowly started introducing some small changes along the way, but not anything that has produced significant results.  I know that by improving my overall health I am going to to have more energy and with 2 kids and a business I could use all the help I can get.  However, this time is different….it feels different and I feel different about it.  It is really important that you do things that resonate with you and for me this option does, it makes sense to me and something I can do long term.  I feel that is a really important point to take onboard, if it resonates with you there is more of a willingness to follow through.  The other thing that has changed and this is where the mindset comes, instead of focusing on what I am cutting out of my diet (essentailly what I am missing out on) I am focusing on the excitement and creative challenges I get to encounter.  It is interesting how when you start looking into things that they turn out not to be so hard or scary after all.  It is about finding the fun and excitement and focusing on that instead of what you think you are missing out on.

Learn to find the FUN in life

Learn to find the FUN in life


My second goal is to be more consistent and organised and although it is 2 things they go hand in hand.  Now as I mentioned I have 2 kids and a business and it can be a challenge juggling the 2 things as well as all the other Mum duties eg. cleaning 😦 .  I find the best way to do this is to put a couple of things in place:

  1. Have a schedule and to-do list, and I know with kids it is not always going to work to plan, but it makes it a lot easier to remember everything you have to do instead of climbing into bed at the end of the day and thinking CRAP!! I forgot…..
  2. Start small and implement 1 or 2 things that you do consistently everyday.  For me I have just started doing meditating, but I only do it for 10 minutes.  It is really super important to make sure you take time-out for yourself.  ESPECIALLY if you have kids, and I know we all say “when am I supposed to find the time”.  I promise you that if you find just that 10 minutes every single day it will make a difference in every area of your life.
  3. Stop buying your own excuses.  We really can be our own worst enemy and we allow our excuses to essentially enable our bad behaviour and then complain about it later.  Whenever you hear yourself making some kind of excuse, stop yourself and think for 10 seconds.  Ask yourself, is this a valid reason, is there a way I can actually do this, is this just a really bad excuse.
  4. Language is so so important and something that we probably don’t pay enough attention to.  Eliminate the phrases “have to” and “need to” and replace them with “choose to” or “want to”.  This may seem like an insignificant thing, but take a moment to think……when you have used “have to” or “need to”, how often di you actually done those things.  As people we don’t like to be told we “have to” do things and it could quite possible stem back from childhood when I parents told us we “have to” do something.  If you change your wording even slightly you will notice a difference, maybe not straight away but you will.

I am sure this has given you plenty to think about and I truly hope this helps you achieve more of your goals in life.

What is one thing that you would like to achieve this year?



When we hear the word beauty we usually think of make-up, cosmetics, hair and clothes; but what about our inner beauty?  Now I am not big on the make-up, cosmetics etc, I don’t have a beauty regime that I follow.  Don’t get me wrong I love getting dressed up and going out.  However, I would prefer to utilise my time focusing on my inner beauty.

There is so much emphasis put on outer beauty and out appearance, we see it every single day on television, in magazines and now even on social media.  As a result we have rising numbers of people with low self-esteem, eating disorders and depression that not only affect females, but males as well.  My aim is to put more emphasis on inner beauty and the connection it has to our outer beauty.  Learn how you can begin your path to your own inner beauty and shine.

To me inner beauty is split into 2 categories, the food we eat and our mind.  We live in such a fast paced convenient society that we are eating more processed foods full of little goodness and plenty of preservatives.  With this fast paced society also comes stress which is one of today’s biggest killers and effects on our overall health.

Let’s start by looking at what we put into our bodies.  By no means am I a dietician or expert, but have learnt through life experience and knowing for myself.  Over time I have eaten my fair share of junk food, but I also grew up eating a home cooked dinner every night full of vegetables and goodness.  I guess it has only been in the last couple of years since having my daughter and with more awareness around that I have put a bit more focus into what we eat.  I have never read so many jar labels in my life, not that it is a bad thing.  It is important to know what you are putting in your body.  I always read the label to see how many preservatives there are, what the main ingredients are (which you can tell by what comes first on the ingredients list) and how much sugar and salt is in it.  I also try and make most things from scratch which can be easier than you think.

As overwhelming as it can seem sometimes, it is not about changing your entire lifestyle all at once, but doing what you can with the resources you have.  We consume plenty of fruit and vegetables, but they aren’t organic.  However, we do have a small vegie patch that we keep organic.  We have fresh juice and not the type you find in a bottle; it is a great way to get your vitamins and mineral intake.  I just use a juicer and make different juices up, my favourite being orange, apple, celery and carrot.  Finding simple yet healthy recipes are great as they usually don’t take up a lot of your time.  I also cook extra and freeze the leftovers for lunches, making it easier in the mornings.  I can’t emphasise enough the importance of water is to the health of our body.  It seems less and less people are drinking water and it is quite sad how many children refuse to drink it.  If you are not a big water fan, than try making your own infused water.  Simply get a 2 litre jugs and slice up some lemon, or lime, even strawberries and mint.  Fill the jug with the fruit and water, place it in the fridge overnight and you are ready to go.

Now that we have covered what we put into our bodies, let’s look at our mind.  We really don’t give ourselves enough credit in this area or full understand how powerful our mind is.  Before my journey started this year I was a ‘what if’ person, I stressed and worried about money because I had watched my own Mum do it for years.  My life was ok, but I wasn’t happy, not truly.  I was surrounded by so much negativity that it felt like it was killing me from the inside out.  January this year I made a choice, one that started a chain reaction of events.  I was in the process of looking for a different job, when I found a business opportunity.  I have never had any desire to be my own boss, but new if I wanted my life to change than I had to do something different.  I took the leap of faith and in my eyes it paid off.  In the last 8 months I have learnt the importance of Personal Development, spending time on me and as a parent this isn’t always an easy thing to accept or change.  Learning the importance of knowing for yourself, changing belief systems, opening up to new possibilities and leaning to utilise Law of Attraction has truly changed my life and the way I look at things. 

Don’t get me wrong the last 8 months have been far from easy.  I haven’t had more money, in fact in the last 8 months I have probably had less.  I haven’t had less challenges, between looking after my 2 year, getting pregnant, starting my own business while still working part-time and my husband being diagnosed with epilepsy I have definitely had more challenges.  At the end of day, I can say probably for the first time that I am truly happy.  To me health and true happiness is more beautiful than any make-up, hair-do, or new dress.  When people are truly happy they radiate and there is nothing more beautiful.  I am sure there are some of you who may see this as a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but you won’t truly know unless you try it for yourself.  So what are you waiting for, start your journey to Inner Beauty and True Happiness.