Money isn’t everything, but it is up there with oxygen

money is like oxxygenI always find it interesting when I talk to people and they tell me that money isn’t that important.  However, it is these people that are stressing about paying their bills or working ridiculous hours to keep a roof over their head.  Money is not a bad thing and wanting money is not a bad thing.  Having money means you become self reliant instead of relying on others or the government.  Having money means that you are able to experience more in life.  Having money gives you the ability to be able to give back and help others.  I was bought up believing that all rich people are A$@#holes.  What I have now learned is that money simply magnifies the person you already are.  So if someone is an A$@#hole then they are going to be so with or without money.  People fear that if they had a lot of money it will change them.  I can ensure you that this is a Big Fat Myth and simply not true.  So go out with a desire to earn a crap load of money and enjoy life.


A Life Half Lived


We are always being told what we don’t have so often that this is where are main focus ends up. Instead we should be focusing on what we do have and our politicians should be setting a better example.
80% of the world don’t have access to regular drinking water and electricity. The fact that here in Australia we do makes us part of the wealthiest 20% of people on the planet. Australia is number 1 on the human development index and number 1 on the quality of life index. Let’s teach those around us to be grateful for what we have.



So often people just don’t believe they need to be of service or it has to be some grand gesture to count, but I have learnt that this just ins’t the case. Being of service can be something small and can occur at any time. By doing so not only are you helping someone out in need but it simply makes you feel good. We are all searching for more happiness in our life and this is a great place to start. Let me share a story that happened to me only last week, it wasn’t planned, it wasn’t big, but it did have the desired effect.

“Be the change you want to see in the World”. Ghandi

Travelling to Victor Harbor to see family when my husband and I passed a car that was pulled over. There was a much older couple looking as though there was something wrong with their car. As we passed them I saw that they had a flat tyre. Now I don’t know about you, but I have changed a few in my time and they are not fun let a lone trying to do it when your body doesn’t have the capabilities it used to . I said to my husband that we should really turn around and help them out. My husband replied with “if we have to”, knowing he would be the one who would be changing the tyre. With a smile on my face I turned the car around and arrived to find 2 lovely and extremely grateful people. Within less than 15 minutes the job was done. The couple were happy because someone nice stopped to help them, and we felt great for doing our good deed for the day.

What was the last thing you did to help someone in need?