Did you know that the average person earns 3-5% more each year. So it takes an average of 20 years for someone to double their income.  Crazy right???  But we see people all the time who double their income in 1 year or a couple of years and wonder how they did it.  Each an every day they wake, up they think differently and they do things differently.

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Learn to focus on what you can change and not focus on what you can’t change.  In a time when you think that you have no control over a situation then simply look at it for another perspective.

Tired Of Falling Off The Band Wagon?


How many times have you said you are going to change something or do something, but not follow through.  You might do it for a little while, but then resort back to your old habits.  If you fall into this category then I can totally relate.  It is frustrating, tiring and does nothing for your confidence levels.  You kind of feel like why bother and I have been there plenty of times myself.  I am here to help you overcome this issue and finally achieve your goals.  Let me run through the 7 steps that I use which is helping me achieve my goals.

  1. MINDSET –  I can not stress how important this is.  If you don’t have this than it is not worth even starting because it will sabotage you quicker than you can say your name.  How do we change it?  Well personal development is a great tool and one that I use on a daily basis.  Your first step before you start anything else is Mindset Mindset Mindset.
  2. MEDITATION/VISUALISATION –  Now I know this may seem a little hippy to some, but I have found that this is one thing that really has been the change lately and noticed the effect it has.  You don’t have to meditate for hours, in fact I have a guided meditation that I do in the morning that goes for 11 minutes.  During this time visualise what it is you are wanting to achieve and how it feels.  When I have finished it makes me feel calm, balanced and ready to take on the world
  3. COMMUNITY – You are always going to be more successful when you surround yourself with the right people.  You want positive people who are moving in a similar direction that you want to head.  If you are overweight and unhealthy then you need to go and hang out with healthy people.  This may mean that you may have to limit the time or cut it out altogether with the people you currently hang around with.  I know it can be hard to do this and we allow guilt to dictate our decisions.  There is a saying “sometimes you have to let go of the old so you can make room for the new”.  That is life and if you truly want to achieve your goal then you need to overcome your fear and guilt.
  4. POSTURE – Act as if you are already living the life that you want and have a bit of fun with it.  LIFE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BORING!! So often we do things the wrong way around and you might catch yourself saying I will be confident when I am thin.  This is the attitude of Have Do Be.  What you need to do is change it around to a Be Do Have posture.  So be confident, take the action towards your goal and then you will be thin.  If you think it sounds simple it’s because it is, doesn’t mean it won’t require work.  We as humans like to complicate things.
  5. COUNT YOUR WINS – We spend so much time focusing on the negative, what we didn’t do, what we did do, what we haven’t achieved.  That is not motivating for anyone, in fact it is making me feel unmotivated just writing it.  Count your wins, focus on the positive, each night write down 10 things that you achieved, even if it is “I didn’t hit the snooze button on my alarm this morning”.  That is a win and you should celebrate it.  Also be sure to set yourself little milestones and reward yourself for reaching them.
  6. GRATITUDE – This one is probably just as important as the first and one that probably isn’t practiced enough.  Be grateful for things, anything, everything.  By being grateful not only are you putting positive energy out into the universe, but it allows you to place a focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have.
  7. SOLUTIONS NOT EXCUSES – Have you found yourself coming up with every excuse under the sun for not doing something and then bitching later because you didn’t do it, surely I can’t be the only one.  When you hear yourself coming up with an excuse, turn it around and ask yourself, “what is the solution”.  STOP BUYING YOUR EXCUSES!!!!


I really hope these steps help you when setting your next goal.  I do apologise about the length, it was only supposed to be about 4 steps, but I guess I got a little carried away.

I would love to hear your thoughts and what your goals are.


Don't let excuses stop you!

Don’t let excuses stop you!


Well, we are up to part 4 in our steps to achieving success and I hope you have all been utilising the tips so far and found them useful.  If you have missed the previous parts you can click on the links here, part 1, part 2, and part 3.  The topic this week is stoppers and excuses and how they impact the decisions and choices we make.  We hear them each and every day, “I’m too old “,”I don’t have time”, “It’s too expensive” and the list goes on.  We also allow others to be stopper in our lives such as our partner, children, boss, parents, ourselves, friends etc.  Have you stopped to think about how much this impacts the choices and decisions you make in life, the way you live your life, what you have missed out on.  Now is a great time to take a moment to reflect on how your life is and the decisions you have or haven’t made lately.

Excuses impact your life on a daily basis and for some of you it has become second nature.  I know for myself it had become a daily habit and one that I wanted to kick.  When I reflected on my life I could see the opportunities that I had missed out on because I refused to say yes to life.  There are a number of reason as to why we use excuses, it could be Fear that is causing us to use excuses, it could be that what we are making excuses about just aren’t that high on our values list.  For me it is cleaning.  As much as I like having a clean house and can certainly see the benefit, I will avoid it like the plague because it is just not high on my priority list.  The next time you hear yourself using an excuse STOP AND THINK!! Why are you using this excuse, what are you avoiding or what opportunity could you be missing out on?

Stopper are a part of our life each and every single day, they are around every turn and on every street corner.  So what do I mean by Stoppers?  Well, these are people who stop us from taking a particular action, making a decision, turning down an opportunity, make us question our choices.  You will find however, that ultimately your biggest stopper will be YOU.  You may be surrounded by external stoppers each and every single day, but you get the final choice.  For me I found that my husband was a huge stopper for me, apart from myself and I had to really work on changing that.  However, it wasn’t about changing my husband because we all know that you can’t make people change, but it was about changing myself.  I had to work on standing up for myself more, learning that I have the choice over my emotions.  I have also decided that there are no “HAVE TO’S” in life.

Take the time to put pen to paper and reflect over the coming week.  Be aware of the excuses that you make and notice the people in your life that are stoppers, even if that person is YOU.  Than simply make the choice to change and notice the differences that occur in your life.  I would love to hear how you go.