Are You Holding On Too Tight?


I had a bit of an aha moment this week and I wanted to take some time to share as I am sure I am not the only one that either has been or is in this situation.  I guess this is one of the things I love about personal development, always being on a constant journey of discovery and better yet I get to share and help others.

We all have ideas as to how things should be, some people want to get married, have 2 kids and buy a house with the white picket fence.  Some believe that life should just be a certain way and there is no budging.  It is great to have a picture of what you want and where you want to go, but where we can fall down is being too attached as to how we are going to achieve that.  We feel that some choices are like taking a step back and we attach negative connotations to it.  When in fact sometimes we need to take a step back in order to propel us forward in life, a bit like a bow and arrow.


Let me paint a little picture for you so you know where I am going.  When my husband and I first got together nearly 11 years ago it was always spoken about that I would stay home with the kids and he would “provide”.  I always wanted to be a mum if nothing else and I saw this, at the time, as my ideal situation.  A lot of things have occurred over the last couple of years that hasn’t made this choice very easy.  A recent opportunity came up which would completely flip the roles that my husband and I play.  At first there was resistance, a lot of resistance, but taking time this week to think and reflect has been quite eye opening.   Perception plays a big role in the choices we make and it is something you have the power to control.

“Sometimes In Life You Need To Let Go Of What Is In Order To Make Room For What Could Be”

Sometimes in life we need to learn to let go of what is or our current ideas in order to make room for what could be.  This can be a little uncomfortable for a lot of us, but all good things happen just on the other side of that discomfort.  Taking the time to reflect has now allowed me to see the benefits of taking up this opportunity and now open to it either way.


When have you let go of something and received something even better?



me and kids

Did you know that approx 70% of people quit their job as a result of their boss?  Now that is not entirely what happened to me, but I wanted to take a moment to share with you a little about my story and how I ended up on the path of working from home.

So my journey actually began just over 2 years ago, I had just returned to work after having my daughter.  She went to childcare 3 days a week, while I worked my job.  It all seemed good in theory, but theories are just that and not always what happens in real life.  My daughter got sick all the time and for the first 7 months I was having every second week off work.  I felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  My daughter was always going to be top of my priority list, but I had a job that had sales targets and expectations that I was expected to achieve whether I was there or not.  I starting thinking to myself “there had to be more to life, there had to be a better way”.  This sent me searching on what I had thought would be another job, as I had 0 ambition to have my own business as I bought into everything people had told me about business, well traditional business.

While searching for another job, the universe had other ideas and led me to a webpage offering a business opportunity.  I was extremely reluctant to say the least, but thought I would just find out.  I received a phone call, listened to what the person had to say on the phone and was sent through some more information.  As soon as I got off the phone I instantly searched the internet to see if it was a scam.  I went through the information and there was just something about it that was pulling me in, I was looking for more in my life and this is what it was offering.  During this process the saying, “the definition of insanity-doing the same thing and expecting a different result” kept popping up.  I knew if I wanted different results I had to make different decisions, so I got started.


Has it been easy? No, but nothing that is easy is every rewarding in life.  Although working from home can have it’s own set of challenges, it is certainly a whole lot less than my job did.  Now I get to have the flexibility I want, I get to take my daughter to dance lessons and both kids do swimming lessons and if one of the kids is sick I don’t have to explain myself to anyone.  I really do love working from home and I have gone from being an unhappy stressed out Mum to being happy and setting an example for my kids I can be proud of.

If you or someone you know has been considering working from home I would love to be able to help.  Go to for more information

5 Lessons From Yoga To Apply To Being An Entrepreneur


There is warm light radiating through the window, I can feel the softness of my mat under my feet, the soft sound of the instructor guiding us through our practice and I am feeling calm and centred.  It is at this time when I have a realisation, there is so much that you learn in yoga that can be applied to being an entrepreneur.  Today I want to share with you 5 lessons that I came to realise that day that I apply to being an Entrepreneur.

  1. Focus – There are a number of balance moves in yoga that at times can be a little challenging, but with moves such as the bird pose the trick is to place your focus forward.  Being an Entrepreneur forward is where your focus needs to be if you are going to create success.  Although you need to be present in the now, it is placing your focus forward towards the bigger picture that will keep your drive and motivation strong.
  2. The Good and Bad – I have noticed when I go to yoga I have some days where I really rock the moves and I feel strong and then I have days where I feel a little off balance, fall out of a pose or I can’t stretch as far as the week before.  It is perfectly normal to have your good and not so good days and this is going to happen being an Entrepreneur.  The important thing is that you keep trying the next day, next week, next month until….
  3. Calm and Centred – When you are going through your yoga practise and you learn to be calm and centred you will always get more out of your poses, you will achieve more.  Yes, it also applies to being an Entrepreneur.  If you can learn to find your calm and feel centred you will find that you will be much more efficient in your business.
  4. You Don’t Know Until You Know – You might look at a move in yoga and label it hard or easy, but until you have tried it you don’t truly know.  I had this when the instructor showed us the side angle crow pose.  I automatically thought it was too hard, but once I actually tried I discovered I found it quite easy.  This is the same as being an Entrepreneur, there are things that may look or seem hard, but until you actually try you don’t really know.
  5. Take Time For Yourself – Yoga is about taking time-out to work on yourself.  As an Entrepreneur you need to apply the same principle.  The most successful Entrepreneurs spend more time on themselves than they do their business.  This concept may seem strange or foreign to some, but if you want things to change than you need to start with you.

I hope that these 5 lessons have proved to be helpful, I would love to hear your thoughts or even lessons that you have learned that can be applied.

side angle 3

Are You Looking For A New Opportunity?


Are you tired of working the same old job? Maybe you have just decided that there has to be more to life. I know because that is where I was.

What Do You Do?


How many times have you been asked what you do for a living?  How do you answer?  Most people start with “I am…”, however as soon as you start your sentence like that you automatically put yourself into the sea of sameness.  Today I am going to share with you something that I learnt which has helped in changing the way I approach this question.

Since starting my own business, this is one thing that I really struggled with.  I wasn’t sure how to answer or what I should say.  Recently I attended a seminar presented by Dr John Demartini and Benjamin J Harvey.  It was here that I finally got some clarity and had a breakthrough.  I found this experience so beneficial that I wanted to share it.

When someone asks “what do you do”, they don’t want to hear “I am a business owner”, “I am a doctor”.  By asking this question they are actually challenging you to see if you can get them to say the 3 magic words “Tell Me More…”.  These days before telling people what you do you need to gain their permission first.  It is seen as somewhat rude to do so without that permission.

So how do you get these 3 magic words out of them, to open up the gates to discuss what you do until they tell you to stop?  You start your sentence NOT with “I am….”, but with “You know how…”.  It seems strange at first, at least it did for me.  I want you to say it a few times, start getting comfortable with it.  Now, whatever you tell people, you want it to sound interesting and intriguing, because at the end of the day;

“If it is vanilla and bland, than no one will want to join you”.

                                                                                                Dave Crane

What you are about to answer when someone asks “what do you do…” is broken down into 3 parts

  1. You know how
  2. Well we help them
  3. Using XYZ step system

Selling your product or service is all about being a good story teller.  Selling today is very different to what it used to be.  People are looking for that emotional connection and something they can relate to.  Here is an example of putting the 3 parts together that I use;

“You know how so many struggle with feeling that they have to work that 9-5 job to earn the income they want, but then they don’t have the time to enjoy it.  Well I help people to create a lucrative income with the flexibility and freedom to enjoy it using our simple 3-step Home Business Model.”

I would recommend you spend some time writing down your own script and practice it.  The more you practice it, the more comfortable you will be and therefore the more natural it will sound when someone asks.  An amateur will practice until they get it right, a professional will practice it until they don’t get it wrong.  Once you have done this exercise I would love for you to share it down in the comments section and also share this article with your friends and colleagues.

What if you had more time in your day? What would you do? How would you use this extra time?


These are all questions we should ask ourselves more often in order to inspire us to act rather than just think and like a lot of people, complain. 

Would you spend more time with your family, or perhaps do a bit more travel. What is your passion in life and more to the point what is your PURPOSE? Have you ever asked yourself as to WHY you are here on this earth? I know up until recently I hadn’t thought about this is in a very long time, nor have I really ever had any direction in my life. I have met a lot of people in my situation so I know I am not alone, which is why I want to help others find more time to do the things they truly want.

 I am almost 29, married, a mother and with no idea what my real purpose in life was.  I have spent a lot of my time just living the same mundane life suffering from ‘same thing different day’ syndrome. Then I got to thinking one day….. Is this really all there is?  Don’t get me wrong, I have a great husband and a gorgeous daughter, yet it felt like something was missing.   I didn’t want to get into my 40’s or 50’s and still be stressing about money and regretting the things I hadn’t done. Surely there had to be more to life than just this; so it made me start thinking and looking for answers.

 This started me down the road of personal development.  Over the years I knew this kind of thing existed, but hadn’t had much experience with it, not to mention the abundance of information and where to start.  However, the one thing I have learnt on this journey is that you don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step, and the best time to start something is now.  There is no perfect time to start something and we are all guilty of at some point or another of making excuses.  Don’t wait to start working on yourself, the self within, make the choice today and your future-self will thank you for it. 

 Looking back on my life to date there are a number of things I wanted to do or achieve.  However, either fear or life always seemed to get in the way.  Now I know that everything I have been through has made me the person I am today.  I do wonder though at how my life would have been different if I had made a different choice minus my excuses; which are just a product of fear.  This is how bad I used to be at putting things off and making excuses.  I saw an ad in the local paper looking for volunteer tutors to work for The Smith Family.  This ad had been sitting in my paperwork since December 2011, yes that’s right 2011.  In starting my journey in personal development I was told that I needed to spend more time doing the things I am passionate about.  Learning, teaching and helping others is one thing I love doing.  So, I made the choice, a choice to stop making excuses and find a way.  There is a solution to every problem, it is just whether or not you can be bothered looking for it.  I emailed The Smith Family recently and will be helping them out 1 day a week tutoring kids from under-privileged families and I can’t wait.

 I am sure there are plenty of you thinking that it is all well and good to talk about doing these things, but how do you make more time?  Let me share a few tips that have helped me.  The first is to take some time to reflect and write a list of all of the things you would like to do and haven’t.  This list will be something you can look at to remind yourself of what you want to achieve and help keep you focused.  Work on eliminating the things in life that don’t help move you in the direction of achieving your goals.  I used to watch a lot of television, probably a couple of hours every day.  Now I am lucky to watch 4 hours per week, instead using that time more productively.

 The second step involves a few things which I usually allow 20 minutes before I go to bed every night.  Firstly take 5-10 minutes to plan the following day as this will help you in utilising your time.