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Did you know that approx 70% of people quit their job as a result of their boss?  Now that is not entirely what happened to me, but I wanted to take a moment to share with you a little about my story and how I ended up on the path of working from home.

So my journey actually began just over 2 years ago, I had just returned to work after having my daughter.  She went to childcare 3 days a week, while I worked my job.  It all seemed good in theory, but theories are just that and not always what happens in real life.  My daughter got sick all the time and for the first 7 months I was having every second week off work.  I felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  My daughter was always going to be top of my priority list, but I had a job that had sales targets and expectations that I was expected to achieve whether I was there or not.  I starting thinking to myself “there had to be more to life, there had to be a better way”.  This sent me searching on what I had thought would be another job, as I had 0 ambition to have my own business as I bought into everything people had told me about business, well traditional business.

While searching for another job, the universe had other ideas and led me to a webpage offering a business opportunity.  I was extremely reluctant to say the least, but thought I would just find out.  I received a phone call, listened to what the person had to say on the phone and was sent through some more information.  As soon as I got off the phone I instantly searched the internet to see if it was a scam.  I went through the information and there was just something about it that was pulling me in, I was looking for more in my life and this is what it was offering.  During this process the saying, “the definition of insanity-doing the same thing and expecting a different result” kept popping up.  I knew if I wanted different results I had to make different decisions, so I got started.


Has it been easy? No, but nothing that is easy is every rewarding in life.  Although working from home can have it’s own set of challenges, it is certainly a whole lot less than my job did.  Now I get to have the flexibility I want, I get to take my daughter to dance lessons and both kids do swimming lessons and if one of the kids is sick I don’t have to explain myself to anyone.  I really do love working from home and I have gone from being an unhappy stressed out Mum to being happy and setting an example for my kids I can be proud of.

If you or someone you know has been considering working from home I would love to be able to help.  Go to www.liveanddreamtoday.com for more information


STOP!!! Australian Tour is Coming


2015 is a new year to make things happen, to decide that you are finally going to live the life you want.  This will look different for each and every single person.  However, one thing is clear, the day of having a secure job is in the past and the age of entrepreneurism is booming.

There are many different reasons that people decide to work for themselves:

  • You no longer like their job
  • You don’t like being told what to do by a boss
  • You feel like your skills are not being utilised
  • You are looking for more flexibility
  • You are tired of hitting the glass ceiling
  • You want to get out of the rat race
  • You feel like there is something missing
  • and the list goes on………

If you fall into any of those categories then pay close attention because it is your time to shine.  If you are interested in exploring the option of a home based business we are going to be starting our Australian Tour in the next couple of weeks.  If you live in Australia we are going to be conducting Business Presentations in your local area.  The founders of the company I partner with are coming all the way from the United States to do a National Tour of Australia During Jan/Feb 2015.  At these FREE business presentations you will learn more about our Income Opportunity & Award Winning product line.  You will have the opportunity to meet fellow Associates in the area who are creating up to a multiple six figure incomes working from home & find out how you can too.

If it is not for you than that is perfectly fine.  However, If you do know of anyone can you do them a huge favour and pass on this link to them http://www.liveanddreamtoday.com to enter their details for more information.

NOTE: Spots are limited and the tour kicks off in 7 days

Are You Looking For A New Opportunity?


Are you tired of working the same old job? Maybe you have just decided that there has to be more to life. I know because that is where I was.



A new survey has come out from Asteron with what I think are some sad statistics.  It is the debate of Work vs Love and what is more important to us.  As far as receiving a confidence booster 34% agreed that a job was important while only 18% said love.  As times are changing do we have our values around the wrong way?  Could these statistics be part of the reason as to why our divorce rates are so high? In 2010 41.9% of marriages in Australia lasted less than 10 years.

I understand that paying the bills and keeping a roof over our heads is important.  I also understand the pressures that come with today’s economic situation, but are we simply just accepting what is instead of challenging it.  When I returned to work after my first daughter I really struggled establishing a work/life balance and continuously felt the constant pressure from my job.  This made for stressful times at home, both as a parent and wife.  After a period of putting up with this situation I decided something needed to change and the only one who could do something about it was me.  Jobs come and go and by time you get to retirement age what are you going to have left?  The answer is Families and Loved ones, so shouldn’t they be rewarded for their loyalty rather than being placed on hold.

What did I do?

Well I found a work from home business opportunity.  I put myself in a position where I could work my business around my family rather than work my family around my job.  I made the choice to change my values and have never been happier.  Not every solution is going to suit everyone, but don’t you owe it to yourself to at least look for a solution that is going to suit you and your family.  We can complain and blame others for our lack of work/life balance, but at the end of the day it is up to the individual to take responsibility and make the changes that they want in their life.

On average how many hours do you spend at your job?



Many choose not to go into business for themselves and the main reason that is commonly heard is cost.  At least that is what we tell ourselves, but are we just creating a limiting belief.  Have you ever worked out what your job costs you or even considered the notion that your job costs you money. 

Some people on average take an hour to get to and from work each day, therefore giving up 520 hours a year sitting in a car in traffic.  Then take in the cost of fuel and you are looking at over $5000/year.  This is the cost of just getting to and from work.  You then have to consider the cost of uniforms which could be from a couple of hundred a year or if you have a corporate job this could end up being a couple of thousand on expensive suits.  If you are a parent you have childcare costs and depending on your job you may have tools of the trade which could cost you thousands of dollars.  Have you ever sat down and added up the costs of your job and worked out what you actually have left from your wage.  You will usually find that the amount you can earn from your job is limited and usually taking up at least 40-50 hours if not more of your time.

Let’s look at the business perspective and see how it compares and whether it changes your way of thinking.  Yes there are franchises that can cost you $500k+ and you don’t always make a lot of profit in the beginning.  You could have a traditional business with a shop front and stock which can also be quite expensive.  However, with both of these options you have more control on what you are able to earn.  There is than the more alternative way of doing business and one that is becoming increasingly popular and that is working from home.  Some people start their own business, some go into MLM and others, like me go into direct sales.  These options all have their pros and cons and different models suit different people.  The one thing they do have in common is that you do not have to sit in traffic for hours; you have more control over your earnings, along with more flexibility on when you work.

When weighing up your options maybe you should look at your investment to return ratio.  Look at how much is going out and the potential that could be coming in.  Be open to the possibilities out there and you just never know what you may find.  I recently attended a webinar recently hosted by Loral Langemeier and she pointed out that there are two types of conversations that we have with ourselves. The occupational conversation is about minimising, restricting and living within our means.  The entrepreneurial conversation is about expanding, creating and generating.  Share below what is holding you back if anything from starting a business?



What Do You Believe?


Ok STOP let’s think?  What do you believe in?  Are your beliefs stopping you from achieving what you want?  Are your beliefs real?  Are the beliefs you have yours or someone else’s?

These are all very valid questions we need to be asking ourselves on a journey to becoming all we can be.  I never really understood the power our beliefs actually have over how we experience our life and the choices we make.  Let’s go through these questions and really get the cogs ticking over.

What do you believe in?  So this covers your entire belief system which is usually the basis for your decision making.  It might be religious, spiritual, you may believe you can never be successful or it could be something as simple as you believe it’s bad to drink before lunch. Either way we have a lot of beliefs that most of the time will be the deciding factor when making a decision.  Now this isn’t a bad thing as long as your beliefs are in alignment with your goals and where you are heading.  If you believe you are scared of heights, you certainly aren’t going to go skydiving.  Therefore if skydiving was your goal, you would need to change your belief system.

Are your beliefs stopping you from achieving what you want?  We call these limiting beliefs, because something as simple as a belief could be the only thing actually stopping you.  These could be manifested from an experience you have had or from what other people tell you.  Don’t be too concerned if you have limiting believes, because at the end of the day they can always be changed.  Some will believe it is too hard, this is just another limiting belief.  If you change the way you look at beliefs as just that a belief, rather than something set in concrete and for some people they may be, but it will be much easier to change them.

Are your beliefs real?  This is where our brain tends to generalise things; for example, you may have been bitten by a dog and so now you have the belief that all dogs are bad.  However, this is not really true, you were unfortunate enough to have been bitten once for a particular reason, but that doesn’t make ALL dogs bad.  As a society we tend to do this quite a bit with, race, gender, sexuality and even blondes.  Once I started looking and recognising this I noticed a change in my behaviour.  I had a fear of spiders and believed they were ALL bad.  However, I walked into my daughter’s room one morning to find a rather large spider on her mosquito net.  Instead of screaming or spraying it til it was white with fly spray; I made a choice to do things differently.  I went to the kitchen, grabbed a container with a lid, caught the spider and put it outside.  I changed my belief and therefore changed my decision.  I was quite proud of myself for achieving this and it also prevented me from projecting my believe onto my daughter, which leads us to our final question.

Are your beliefs yours or someone else’s?  How many beliefs do you have as a result of your parents and upbringing or from friends and those around you that have influence?  I guess a big example of this is religion, most who are brought up in a religious family have a tendency growing up with the same beliefs.  There may be other examples that are not as significant, but also not ours.  It is fine to have the same beliefs as others, as long as it is something that you actually believe.  The key is to Know For Yourself.

Your task is to take a pen and a piece of paper, write down beliefs that are stopping you, beliefs that you don’t truly believe and beliefs that aren’t in alignment with your ultimate goal.  I find it much better to understand, analyse and change things when I see them in black and white.  You would be surprised at what you discover and how much you discover when you start writing.  When looking at your beliefs on that piece of paper, ask yourself, are they really true.  Happy Searching……